I completed a research study on the fears and anxieties teacher face with technology in the classroom.  The biggest fear that was mentioned was that the students would know more then they did.  To be honest - that is a fact.  Students/children in this generation have been born into this digital world.  You go to stores, doctor's offices and other public places - how are children entertaining themselves while they wait?  They are occupying their time with some form of digital technology.  Children are texting, playing games, watching videos, creating videos or pictures or more.  It amazes me to just watch my surroundings and see the constant flow of communication.  Pictures uploaded to Instagram, status updates to Facebook and Twitter.  It is an instantaneous world.

Bringing technology into the classroom is the best way to teach the right and wrong way for this generation to use what they have.  It isn't about which fork to use first anymore but when is it appropriate to text and send pictures.  It is the perfect time for differentiating instruction as well.  I was once asked how I differentiated my instruction.  At the time I was a technology teacher.  My response was simple - I don't differentiate because my curriculum differentiated itself.  If a student needed to do a presentation - it was my job to say create your presentation with any of the following tools.  There are an abundance of tools for students to use.

This carries over to us educators.  What is the best way to communicate with your PLC?  There are WIKIS, websites, My Big Campus and so much more.  Just pick one because it isn't any better than the next, it is just what you are comfortable with.

Being an educator simply means not being afraid to learn.  Learning means you aren't afraid to make mistakes to see the changes in the world around you.  Squash that so called fear and give it a try!

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    I have been married for 18 years and have three wonderful children.  I love technology and I love seeing technology and education become one.  Currently I am serving my 2 year term as the Professional Development Chair for ISTE SIGMS.  Stop by and visit our monthly webinars!


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