We have all hear the old saying, "Can't you hear opportunity knocking at your door?"  Well - guess what, Mr. Opportunity doesn't always knock.  Sometimes we have to do the knocking.

Do you have something to share?  Are you excited about lessons/units that you have created?  Do you want to do something more?  Well ---
  • Do not be afraid to knock - contact someone about doing something you want to do
  • Look for opportunities, they don't always present themselves directly to us
  • Don't be afraid to SHARE!  You're ideas are worth sharing, you students love you and so will other educators

Years ago I was happy being a quiet stay at home mother.  I went back to school to become a teacher.  We all know how hard it is to find a teaching job but I was very fortunate to find one.  A friend/my boss - pushed me to do more.  Present at conferences - NO WAY is what I told her.  I submitted a proposal and it was accepted.  Speaking in front of children - easy.  Speaking in front of peers, not so easy.  I went to the person who could help me most (almost God) - the Deacon at my church.  I began reading during Mass to become comfortable speaking in front of people, what better way to start.  I have now presented at two conferences, sit on National committees and am not afraid to say, "hey - what do you think about this?"

The worst someone can tell you is no or not right now.  At least they will have your name and know what you do!

Take a deep breath and then take that first step, share and YOU knock on opportunity's door!

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